London-based music photographer. 

Since childhood I have loved rock music, from the early days of The Beatles, on to discovering the blues, heavy rock, prog rock and jazz in my early teens, when all my friends were in bands. Growing up in Australia I got bitten by the surfing bug and dedicated a good part of my teens and twenties pursuing the best waves I could find, and seeing bands. My camera was always with me. Then I made the first of many trips to Asia and Europe. My cameras were always there, documenting what I saw. 

Somehow, I returned to my roots in London (there may have been a girl involved) and stayed, with a five-year sojourn in Italy working as a designer for magazines. Although I have done many different jobs over my life, including making surfboards and working as a sous chef, the arts are where I was content, whether as a graphic designer, author or journalist, but photography was always my first love. In a serendipitous turn of events I was assigned to photograph a music festival and other gigs. For well over a decade I have been shooting London’s vibrant underground music scene, capturing the performances of around 500 bands every year, under all sorts of conditions, including as a house photographer for some of the city’s most iconic venues.

If you would like me to capture images of your band, get in contact. It can be a one-off gig or to document a recording session, festival appearance or tour. Or maybe you need publicity portraits or something for your latest recording. I work with both digital and analogue cameras, so if you want that “film look” it will be on film. I offer special rates for indie/unsigned musicians, because artists need to support artists, so get in touch to discuss your needs.


e-mail: foto@chrispatmore.co.uk

phone: +44 (0)7722 473 970