Piano 7

By Chris Patmore

40 pages, published 4/4/2020

The long-time coming seventh edition of Piano, a photographic tribute to some of the UK’s best new bands playing in small venues around London. This covers the first three months of 2020 before everything was shut down.

Piano 6

By Chris Patmore

40 pages, published 10/12/2017

2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the fabled Summer of Love. Psychedelic music is still alive and well, and this issue captures some of the bands playing over this summer past.

Piano 5

By Chris Patmore

40 pages, published 6/1/2017

A selection of photos of great female guitarists captured live at independent venues around London. There are also interviews with Jill Furmanovsky, renowned rock photographer and founder of Rock Archive, and one of London’s best live bands, Saint Agnes.

Urban Abstracts

By Chris Patmore

30 pages, published 5/7/2020

A collection of occasional urban abstracts taken on some of my travels over the last 10 years, 
and some from my art school days, using a variety of photographic devices.